CIO Services: network support and information systems in st. louis
Blueberry Hill, University City Loop
network support
Implementation, maintenance and monitoring.

Economies of scale have led your growing business to a computer network. Employee efficiency, productivity and customer support are benefits you receive from storing files in a centralized location and sharing hardware. As a Microsoft Certified Partner with the Networking Infrastructure Solutions Competency, CIO Services will help you with implementation, maintenance and monitoring of your network.

Local Area Network Implementation

Your network design and security needs will be unique and based on your business needs. CIO Services will help with determining the infrastructure needed to provide the tools necessary to run your business more efficiently. Through a careful process of determining your business needs, a network of appropriately shared resources will be built. These resources could be software applications, files, libraries, printers, faxes, scanners and more. Remote access and security needs are also taken into consideration in network design.

Network Maintenance

Regular maintenance of all systems provides your business not only with peace of mind, but also with the most efficient system possible for daily procedures. Proactively addressing any system issues provides greater options for timing of upgrades and expansion. CIO Services will provide regular maintenance not only for the file server, but also for the individual workstations maintaining drivers and settings. Our Microsoft Certified technicians are on call 24 hours a day to assist with troubleshooting and debugging your network related problems.

Network Monitoring

We also offer monitoring services for your local area network. This will provide you with a picture of network performance, allowing you to forecast future technological needs. We will check your server logs and backups to verify everything is running as it should be. We're happy to provide the monitoring services or we will gladly help you to do the monitoring in house with added network support from us when needed.